Cloud Challenge 2015

UCC Cloud Challenge Info

The Cloud Challenge 2015 will be held in conjunction with 8th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing December 07-10, 2015 – St. Raphael Resort, Limassol, Cyprus

Call for Proposals

Cloud Challenge is a competition where participants develop solutions by utilizing virtualization technologies and Cloud computing. Proposals may range from exploratory approaches to real-world problems benefiting from private, public, or hybrid Clouds. This year, we especially encourage proposals based on the application of lightweight approaches to virtualisation, such as containers.

Nowadays, a wide range of Cloud technologies such as Docker, OpenStack, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure are available as well as Cloud paradigms, such as Map/Reduce. We invite the submission of proposals related to various aspects of Cloud computing elucidating novel approaches for extending features of technologies and/or for advancing paradigms. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Usability for developers of Cloud solutions Energy consumption Checkpointing container-based applications Distributed container repositories or app stores Repository technologies Sharing of technologies and data Data management in Clouds Security in Clouds Hybrid clouds, where approaches offload to public clouds when data centers cannot support application The use of containers used to provide portability between different cloud providers and environments Virtual appliance or container selection, based on pricing and/or energy consumption and/or any other metric applicable to the application or scenario at hand

The competitors should outline the nature of the problem that might range from business, science to socio-lifestyle applications. Two categories of proposals are invited. The first one addresses approaches, which have been implemented and authors should present the methodology used to solve the problem and the means of validation of the solution. The competitors must also be able to demonstrate their approach at UCC 2015, if selected, using an appropriate means e.g. a live demo, a simulation, emulation, or similar. The second category asks for cutting-edge future work and the design of the solution. The competitors must be able to present intended use cases and a well-designed architecture.

From each category of those proposals, finalists will be selected to present their work at the conference, including a demonstration of the system or software for the first category. The judges will award a first prize winner per category at the conference.

Format of proposals

Proposals may be up to 6 pages long in the standard IEEE paper format for the first category of accomplished work and 2-4 pages long in the standard IEEE paper format for the second category. Following information reflects a rough outline for proposals.

Precise definition of several qualitative and/or quantitative metrics that will be utilized to measure the efficacy of the Cloud solution, e.g., energy consumption, level of software maintenance, performance, or scalability. The software and hardware systems used to address the problem. An analysis of the impact, significance, and novelty of the solution

Proposals will be reviewed according to the criteria listed above and should present unpublished work that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. At least one member from each selected team is expected to give a technical talk, to provide a demonstration of the system for the first category, and answer questions posed by the judges.


Proposals selected for the presentation will be included in the proceedings of the conference as short papers.

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